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Hearing Tests

Why Test Your Hearing?

Your hearing health is just as important as your vision or your annual physical examination with your doctor. Left untreated, hearing loss can lead to social isolation and interpersonal issues that can affect your home, work, and social life. However, hearing health isn’t commonly screened by family physicians and often isn’t discussed, so you may not be aware that you need a hearing test.

Your first hearing test is especially important to set a baseline for your hearing health, so that any changes can be tracked over time.

We recommend that you book a hearing test if:

  • you think you may be experiencing hearing loss;
  • your family and friends have experienced concerns about your hearing;
  • you work in a loud environment; or
  • you have a history of ear infections, surgery, or draining ear(s);

A WIDHH hearing test is $75 for adults and includes a detailed assessment of your hearing ability, speech understanding ability, and communication needs.

What is the difference between a “hearing test” and a “hearing screening”?

“Hearing tests” like the ones offered through appointments at WIDHH are full assessments of your hearing ability, speech understanding ability, and communication needs. “Hearing tests” take 30 minutes to 1 hour, are performed by a Registered Audiologist such as the hearing health professionals at WIDHH, and typically involve a fee.

“Hearing screenings” are abbreviated versions of hearing tests. “Hearing screenings” only screen for your ability to hear different tones, and only indicate if a hearing loss is present or not. “Hearing screenings” take less than 15 minutes and can be performed by any number of individuals. If a hearing evaluation is advertised as free, it is usually a “hearing screening”.

Your Hearing Test – What to Expect

A hearing test appointment with WIDHH’s hearing health professionals include:

  • Visual Ear Exam: An otoscopic inspection of your ears for any issues that may affect your hearing such as ear wax build-up or abnormal conditions in ear canal.
  • Health History Questionnaire: A questionnaire to uncover any health factors that can affect your hearing, such as certain medications or chronic health conditions.
  • Hearing Test: A full assessment of your hearing and speech understanding ability conducted in a soundproof booth. You will listen to a series of sounds and indicate if and when you hear each sound. You will also receive an assessment of your middle ear function.
  • Results: Your WIDHH professional will record your results on a hearing chart (audiogram), guide you through your results, and explain what they mean for your hearing health.
  • Communication Needs Assessment: Your WIDHH professional will chat with you about your communication needs at work or school, at home, and in your social life to determine daily situations where your hearing ability is most important to you.
  • Hearing Aid Consultation and Recommendation: Your WIDHH professional will make recommendations for you based on your hearing needs, make any necessary medical referrals, and determine whether you can benefit from a hearing aid. If you can, your WIDHH professional will recommend the best hearing aid solution to suit your needs, lifestyle, support network, and budget.

Your initial hearing test at WIDHH usually takes 1½ hours. Because of the detailed nature of WIDHH’s hearing test appointment, there is a $75 fee. If it is determined that you would benefit from hearing aids, this fee can be put towards the cost of any new aids that you purchase (within 6 months of the hearing test).

Book a hearing test with a WIDHH hearing health professional today!

Phone:  604-736-7391