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About Us

The Need for Community and Connectedness

All of us as human beings have a deep inherent need to connect with others, and access to communication is the key to remaining connected to our friends, families, and communities. 

This universal need to be connected through communication is why the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH) was created.

What is WIDHH?

WIDHH is a British Columbian charity dedicated to creating a society in which people who are Deaf, Deafened, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing (collectively referred to as “Deaf and Hard of Hearing”) are able to fully participate. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals continue to face daily challenges in all aspects of their lives and contend with issues of exclusion in the workforce, in education, and in public life because of communication barriers. WIDHH provides supportive programs and services that focus on the strengths and talents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals rather than barriers. 

We work to create opportunities for individuals to gain employment, connect with their friends and families, participate in communities, and create multiple successes. We also provide public education to increase awareness and understanding of Deaf and Hard of Hearing issues.



WIDHH is a Canadian Registered Charity.  Charitable Registration Number: 108200098RR0001