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Seniors Outreach

Seniors Outreach

We Help with Seniors Needs

Social isolation is a significant concern for all Canadian seniors and challenges such as deafness or hearing loss can further marginalize a senior. Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing seniors in British Columbia live alone and have difficulty leaving their homes due to mobility issues. And although there are many seniors’ centres in BC, most are inaccessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing seniors due to a lack of accommodation for their communication needs.

WIDHH’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Seniors Outreach (DHHSO) program addresses these gaps in specialized care. The WIDHH Better at Home (BH) program identifies isolated Deaf and Hard of Hearing Seniors in the Lower Mainland and provides them with volunteer outreach services at home. WIDHH-BH volunteers (who are active Deaf and Hard of Hearing seniors) provide companionship, home visits, transportation assistance, facilitated shopping trips, and other outings so that isolated seniors can remain connected to their communities.




 This project is provided in partnership with Better at Home.

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For more information, please contact our WIDHH Better at Home Program Coordinator, Tammy Gray at today!